The Housing Department is divided into two departments: Housing Development; and Housing Trust (Section 95 Programs)

Housing Development:

  • Housing repairs
  • Emergency maintenance on old INAC units

Housing Trust:

  • CMHC Section 95 units 
  • Maintenance
  • Replacement Reserve

Canada Mortgage & Housing Programs available include:

  • RRAP
  • Disability RRAP up to $16,000.00
  • HASI up to $3500.00 for 65 years and older to assist and modify for disabilities and elders
  • Section 10 available to members to access loans for  for new homes
  • Education and training and workshop sessions for members and contractors sponsored by CMHC

We have a carpenter-training program through Marconi Campus NSCC working with the METS program. We are currently utilizing these individuals in constructing our new units. One individual passed the test and has received his Red Seal Journeyman Certificate.

CMHC requested that Eskasoni coordinate a trades program through the Nova Scotia Community College for Cape Breton Bands. We currently have seven (7) students enrolled in a heating program and four (4) in the plumbing program. Mary Gould and I work closely with Marconi Campus to ensure the success of the program. These individuals have been certified and continue to obtain their journeymen hours.

Department Coordinator

Darlene Marshall

Darlene Marshall

Email: housing@eskasoni.ca
Tel: (902) 379-2800
Fax: (902) 379-2172

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